Julia Michaels : ‘Dare to suck’

julia (764 x 430)The songs she’s written for other artists, including Justin Bieber’s Sorry, Ed Sheeran’s Dive and Selena Gomez’s Hands To Myself, have clocked up more than 8 billion streams worldwide, reports BBC.
They’re all songs that feel deeply personal – even when the artist doesn’t get a writing credit. And that’s Julia’s secret: She persuades pop stars to open up and spill their guts like a packet of Cornflakes.
For years, she was content working behind the scenes, until she wrote a song she just couldn’t give away.
Issues, released in January, is as catchy as it is tender – with Michaels rejecting pop’s prevailing narrative of the strong, independent woman to admit her vulnerabilities.
“When I’m down, I get real down / When I’m high, I don’t come down,” she sings over a crisp, pizzicato backing. “Yeah, I got issues… and one of them is how bad I need you.”
“I’m content with saying I have jealousy problems,” the 23-year-old tells the BBC. “I’m emotional. Sometimes I cry, just because – and I don’t think anybody should have to hide that side of themselves.
“If people aren’t going to be accepting of that, they don’t deserve to be around you.”
Michaels has found plenty of people who’ve accepted it. Issues has been viewed on YouTube more than 134 million times, and her next single, Uh Huh, is already catching up.
“It’s insane,” she marvels. “I never expected that.”
The day after her debut UK performance – at last month’s Capital Summertime Ball – the Iowa-born singer chatted to the BBC about going solo; her lonely childhood; and having “eureka moments” in the studio.