Decoding the Anushka state of mind in films

2 (573 x 430)Anushka Sharma lights up the screen every time she appears on it with her vivacious personality and heartfelt laughter, reports Times Of India
Her presence reminds you of Pharrell Williams’ Because I’m Happy. Given her expertise at playing bindaas characters that radiate her ‘happy state of mind’ in most films, during an informal chat, we asked the actress if she’s aware of it. She replied, “I have not thought about it like that. It’s just that some roles expect you to be in a certain way. In a film like ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, my character is full of life. She is someone who hasn’t seen too much in life so she is a wide-eyed girl, who is happy and carefree. It’s not really a conscious decision as such. It depends on the film.”