Crisis grapples academic activities of Pol Science department of JnU

Acute crisis of infrastructures grapples academic activities of Polictical Science department of Jagannath University (JnU), leaving academic environment at a stake condition and university authorities remain unresponsive for years.
The department faces infrastructural problem including lack of sufficient class room, filthy toilet, lack of safe drinking water, dearth sufficient light and air inside the class rooms as fans are out of order and herbs grows over window.
Toilets, for both male and female students are totally filthy and unsuitable to use. Drinking water filters have been kept by toilets that’s why student feel discomfort to drink it.
Only 4 classrooms are available for about 650 students where number of benches surprisingly short as per their sitting capacity.
Everyday 15-20 students take part in class, it is very pitiful to. Even today, when I was taking class few students had to participate in it standing by foot, Chairman of Political Science Department, Dr. Arun Kumar Goswami, vented his frustration.
Being emotional I asked them to quit my class. But they did not do that saying they enjoy my class fondly, head of the department continue.
“Letters asking necessary steps have forwarded several times. Even, after returning from Eid Vocation, I forwarded letters to them at least 4 times.”
This correspondent visited the department, shards of window have been found broken, ceiling in several places of 4 class room falling off and walls are humid.
Most of the fans are out of order and lights are cut off from power. Deep darkness and acute heat are felt inside the each of the classrooms.
It is difficult with continue with class in such a condition. Most of the time we attend with scorching heat and fear of collapsing the roof as plaster sometimes fall off, Ariful Islam, a student of the department alleged.
Teachers also echoed the same saying we are hapless to authority we have nothing to do but continue classes.
However, a teacher wishing not be name said, few days university administration allocated 1 lakh tk without our concern, which I came to know after 2 months of the project finished.
Admitting the fact, chairman of department said, without my concern university administration allocated tk 1 lakh through a tender notice, which ex-president of Chattra League of unit got. He forced me to sign on the paper which to date, the development is invisible. Lights, fans, roofs are in the same but allocation is disappeared.
Contacted, Deputy Director, Planning, Development and Works JnU, Mohamad Ali said, Every year, we take order from different department, this year’s budget already end up. I hope, I could ensure it next time.