British musician Troyboi reveals he’s half-Indian, his mom grew up in Kolkata

5 (449 x 430)On his maiden visit to India, British musician Troyboi talks about his Indian origin, says his concerts in India are his way of giving back to the country which has influenced his music so much, Reports Hindustan Times
For British musician Troy Henry aKa Troyboi, who made a name for himself with the global hit, Do You Love Me, performing in India is his way of “giving back to one of his motherlands”. The 29-year-old reveals that he is half-Indian, since his mother, Connie Henry, was born and brought up in India.. “I am really excited to perform in India, because it’s like a homecoming for me. My mother is Indian, and she was born in Kolkata. I have a lot of memories of visiting India when I was a kid. That’s why, shows in India make it 100 times more special,” says Troyboi, a self confessed Bollywood addict and “a huge Amitabh Bachchan fan. “After having performed in Delhi and Mumbai, Troy finishes the India leg of his ‘Mantra’ tour with a concert in Bengaluru tomorrow. “My mother was super happy, when I told her that I was going to perform here. She said I was making her proud,” says Troy.