Adnan Sami’s dad told him he could be a musician, but asked for ‘solid’ education first

5 (405 x 430)Singer Adnan Sami’s father “pushed him” to become a better musician and learn Hindustani music, reports Hindustan Times. Singer Adnan Sami credits his father for his prowess in music. The 43-year-old, who was honoured with the Asian Award for his outstanding contribution to music, dedicated his win to his father. Speaking to HT from Berlin, Sami shared that his father noticed his inclination towards music, and encouraged him to pursue it. “No one in my family had any inclination towards music, so for my father to accept that I want to do something in music was a great leap.
The only thing he told me was to get a solid education, which I did, and became a lawyer. But other than that, he supported me a lot and that’s why I’m grateful to him,” said Sami. He added that it was his father who pushed him to learn Hindustani music. “I was a little hesitant about learning Indian classical music, as no one had learnt it on the piano. I told him so, and he said, ‘Then you be the first one to do that.’ It was only later that I realised that the piano belongs to the same family of instruments such as Sitar or a Sarod, basically all string instruments.”