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Legal Query :
Dear Sir,

I am a businessman. I have two bank accounts, one in Sonali Bank and another in Agrani Bank. Last February, 2017, I came to know that someone has withdrawn tk. 15000/- from my Agrani Bank account. Then I tried to contact with the bank and they said the signature given here is correct and fully similar with your signature given in the signature card. Then I thought may be it was withdrawn by me, later I forgot. But on last 10.05.2017, I noticed someone has withdrawn tk. 115000/- from my Sonali Bank account again.
Therefore, I contacted with the bank authority of Sonali Bank and they said the same thing as it was stated by the Agrani Bank. My son detected that the handwriting of the cheque is similar with my personal secretary, Abdul Wahab’s handwriting. After conversation with Wahab I am quite sure that probably, wahab had withdrawn the money from the account by forging my signature. I am too much distressed regarding this matter, what can I do now.


Liton Kumar Das

Legal Opinion :

Thank you for your query. This is very disappointing for you. In such crisis, firstly you have to contact in the Bank properly and you have to collect the cheque by which he made the withdrawal and also the procedure of withdrawing the money from the Bank. You also have to collect the cc camera video recording from the banks, if available.
Then you have to examine the all components you have collected. Then if you have doubt that Wahab is the Culprit who did this then you can go through the concerned police station to file a case against him under section 406/407/416/ 419/ 465 of the Penal Code 1860 or as an alternative you can also file a C.R. case before the Magistrate Court under these sections.