How did Dafne Keen land her role in Logan?

4 (600 x 404)20th Century Fox has offered X-Men movie fans a chance to see how Spanish actor Dafne Keen landed her role as X-23 in the film Logan, via an audition clip, reports Hindustan Times
One would think that actor Hugh Jackman would deliver the best performance in his last movie as Wolverine, but, he wasn’t the only star to catch the audience’s attention in Logan, that hit theatres earlier this year. Breakout star, 12-year-old Dafne Keen, who played the role of Laura ( X23) won many hearts with her performance. And, now we know how she bagged the role.
What landed Keen the role was not just her raw talent, but also her improvisation. Director James Mangold wanted to see what Keen was capable of and asked her to improvise a specific sequence with Jackman.
Keen not only nailed the scene, but did it so well, that a version of it was finally included in the film as is (something that you do not see happening often). The scene also left Jackman with bruises on his arms because of all the punches Keen delivered. “She came for the audition and there’s a scene where she punches me in the arm,”.