Approaching pop from left-of-centre

1 (600 x 337)Last week, in the middle of a concert, Sigrid suddenly started Cossack dancing, reports BBC
“It came out of nowhere,” laughs the singer, who’s been called pop’s hottest new prospect. “I just felt like doing it. I always like to scare people a bit.”
The singer is not, it has to be said, a malevolent presence in the flesh. Aged just 20, she’s fresh-faced and fizzing with energy as she prepares for the first of three gigs at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival.
Both her parents have flown in from Norway to watch. Her mum fusses that Sigrid hasn’t washed her hair ,even though she’s about to be filmed by the BBC.
Something tells us Sigrid won’t care: On stage she’s unfettered, her arms flailing and face contorting as she performs her debut single, Don’t Kill My Vibe. She doesn’t break out the Cossack moves, but it’s a thrilling, freeing performance.
“I hate it when things are planned,” she says. “The thing I love about being on stage is I can do whatever I want. “There’s one song in our set called Savage In Our Blood and it’s a ballad, it’s a sad song, but at some point I’m not singing, I just growl. And I love how people are going ‘what the heck is going on?’ I just love that.
“I love shifting between being super cute and aggressive. It’s funny.”