Angels in America

4 (600 x 337)Plays don’t come much more epic than Angels in America,BBC
Set amid the Aids crisis in 1980s America, Tony Kushner’s “gay fantasia” lasts roughly the same duration as a flight from London to New York.
Over eight hours, it packs in angelic visitations, burning books and surreal trips to icy continents and, of course, heaven.
And let’s not forget a stellar cast that includes Andrew Garfield, Denise Gough, Nathan Lane and Russell Tovey. After weeks of previews, the play officially opened at the National Theatre in London on Thursday.
Spider-Man star Garfield told us after the show: “You don’t often get to work on a character like this or on a story that has so much humanity in it.
“It’s the whole human experience in one seven and a half hour play. No one would turn that opportunity down.”
The critics seem to love it, with four and five star reviews appearing on Friday morning.