Apurbo pairs up with Nawshin in drama

pic 1 (605 x 430)Popular actor Apurbo is working in a new drama pairing up with famous actress Nowshin. Filming of the drama has already been started in Capital’s Uttara area under the direction of Sheikh Selim.
Talking about his new project Apurbo said, “I am working with Nowshin after a year. In the play it will be shown that I myself have less confidence so always I have to go under bad luck which I believe. I always enjoy working with Nawsheen. During the break time of shooting we take part in open discussion with each other. Overall it has become a nice play. I hope viewers will enjoy it.”
Nawsheen stated, “When I was a RJ during that time Apurba asked me to work with him in a play. Under Sajjad Sumon’s direction we first worked together in a play. Later we worked in several other times. Apurba always co-operates me while acting. Nobody can believe how long nice relationship between us. I give thanks to Sheikh Selim to attach me with a nice work.”
It is to be noted that, the TV play will air on the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha.