All out sexual harassment, early marriage and cyber bulling

TBT Report
Speakers in a view exchanging meeting with journalists urged to eradicate social problems, sexual assault on women, early marriage, and cyber bullying by raising social movement yesterday at meeting arranged by Safe citizenship for girls project under Brac’s Social empowerment Programme held yesterday at Sadar Upazila Parisad auditorium in Narsingdhi .
The speakers voiced their opinion to solve those problem and call upon journalists to play a greater role by raising social awareness describing it as a disease for society.
Chief guest district information officer Sanzida Amin said, Rate of early marrainge in much more than other district. Apart from that sexual harassment, and cyber crime also have been shaped fatal. One social problem begets another problem.
She also said, Using of technology has both sides; good and bad, fake news on facebook shakes our conscience. Bad effects of facebook have caused familial life of many women in our society. So, we have to have to aware mass people concertedly.
Chaired by Narsingdhi press club president Morshed Shahriar, Sanzida Amin, district information officer, Sarkar Adam Ali, former president of the press and veteran journalist, Safiqul Islam Manik, general secretary of the press club exchanged their view with the Safe Citizen for Women Project officers and spoke in the meeting.
On behalf of Brac Mohammad Nurul Ashekin, sector specialist, Beauty Afroz Mithila, human resource development officer, Mohammad Mahadi Hasan, Junior sector specialist, Mohammad Arifur Rahmanm, FO of the project were present.
Aside from that Debsis Halder, sector specialist of Safe Citizen For Women presented article on the issue Later, Prosanto Dey conducted an open discussion and group session.
Mentionable, Safe Citizen for Girls project of Brac under Social Empowerment progrmme works for emancipation of all sorts of violence, sexual abuse, cyber bulling and early marriage and to build awareness and self confidence among students, teachers and guardians.
The projects will work with students, teachers and guardians of 10 districts of 300 schools including Narsingdhi district to make active stance against the problems.