Mousumi Nag

Mousomi Nag (389 x 430)TBT Report
Audience admired actress Mousumi Nag has returned to acting after a long break of two years. She started shooting of a drama. The title of the drama is ‘Operation-360’ which is mainly a fiction based drama, directed by surjyo Dipto. Moreover, the actress is going to work in a short film. Earlier she acted in the big screen but for the first time she will work in a short film. Mousumi Nag will work in a short film named ‘Montakkhirani’ under the direction of Alam Ashraful. She will take part in shooting of the short film from April 2.Talking about her new short film, Mousumi Nag stated, “How a normal girl turns into a prostitute – it will be shown in the story of this short film. I am taking mental preparation in this regard now. Therefore, I am trying to know properly how a prostitute survives. I am very much optimistic about the work. I hope it will become a nice work. After long time I have started acting again working in a TV play. I had to pass very busy days with my family and Aritro. I have again returned to acting. So I am happy. In fact, everybody has accepted me very positively about my returning in media.”
It is important to mention here that, Mousumi Nag was last seen to work in Arif Khan directed a drama serial titled Dolchhut Projapoti in 2015. Later she didn’t seem to act in any other play or serial.