Dithi Anwar will come soon with new songs

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Rising singer Dithi Anwar’s last music album titled ‘Porachokh’ was released at the end of the last year, which was her fourth solo album. All songs of the album fascinated her fans and followers. Now, she is prepared to come with her new song. Renowned lyricist Gazi Mazharul Anwar, father of the singer has penned down the song titled ‘Akashta Barachchhe Megh’. Faisal Ahmed will compose the song.
Dithi’s other three solo albums are ‘Lal Golaper Shuvechchha’, ‘Moron Jodi Hoy’ and ‘Ekaler Gaan Sekaler Gaan’. However, Dithi stepped in music world through plackback in the movie ‘Ulka’ which is directed by Gazi Mazharul Anwar.
Then, she did playback in numerous films. She sang last time for the film ‘Jiboner Galpo’, which was also directed by her father.