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Saving interest of human in any way is certainly the best practice and execution of human rights. Recently degradation in consumer’s rights and demand has been seen very acute and high. People are being bound by the restaurant authorities to pay higher charge beyond the actual cost. Mr. Y went to hotel Westin last Friday evening and ordered a pastry cake and a bottle of 500 ML Pepsi. The waiter served the bill. Mr. Y was thundered to see the bill amount. A slice of cake and Pepsi both cost 780 Tk including Vat and Service Charge. But the justifiable price would be 150 tk at best. The MRP of the Pepsi was labeled 40 Tk on the bottle, but Mr. Y had to pay 10 times higher than the affixed price. He actually got no remedy, which is clear violation of right as a consumer.
Thinking on this grave fact, to minimize the sufferings of consumers, The Law and Public Foundation incorporating Law mates of different ages initiated a series campaign in Café 33, BFC, Boomers Café, Capital Confectionary and in Sharma House at Baily Road. The campaign was actually to sit together with managers of those brand chain cafes in a congenial meeting and to discuss for thirty minutes each on the relevant Act.
Among the discussants, the president of foundation and advocate of Supreme Court A.B.M Shahjahan Akanda, advocate of Supreme Court Shibly Noman, Executive Director & Research fellow of the foundation and human rights activist Khairul Islam Taj, Campaigner Chowdhury Tanbir Ahamed Siddique and Tasmirul Islam briefed on the occasion. The volunteer team distributed printed copy on the Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009 among the consumers irrespective of male and female.
The team also answered the questions thrown by consumers. The briefing session was participatory and one to one meeting which was dynamic and valuable in nature. Managers of BFC and Café 33 put some recommendations and presented their actual condition of the service system to Law and Public Foundation; and volunteer team noted every valuable points further to reach those to the Department of Consumer Rights Protection.
Finally, five brand chain cafes submitted their compliance report to the Law and Public team and the sessions came to an end with thanks giving, commitment to abide by the rule of law, implementation of consumer’s rights in plenty and with bunch of group photos. The customers also expressed unmixed thanks to the effort of the Law and Public Foundation on spot. As per the series interactive campaign, the next session will take place at Basundhara City food court.