Film maker Prachyo Palash touched int’l media

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Young enthuasiastic film maker Prachyo Palash’s name has crossed the border of the country and reached the international media. A newspaper, published from New York titled ‘New York Bangla News’ has published a special reports about the short film exhibition of Prachyo Palash which was arranged before some days. The caption of the news was “Single Short Film Exhibition: An attempt to overcome the bad time of Bengali film”. “They also reported to improve the condition of Bengali film, there was no way to arrange this kind of short film exhibition which was open for all people. Young, talented film maker like Prachyo Palash have to come forward for the overalll development of the cultural sector.”
Prachyo Palash thanked the authority of the newspaper for published such a report. He said, “Its really great news for me. It inspired me to contribute more in Bangladeshi film industry. I will try my best.” He also said about the Short Film Exhibition, ” Nearly a thousand students have participated in this short film exhibition. And it made the exhibition successful as it cleares that out young generation is still eager to attend this type of event.”