Riaz pairs up with Noushaba


Audience admired film actor Riaz is now pairs up with Noushaba in a telefilm titled ‘Bikkhato Babu’, in direction of Bashar Jorjis. Filming of the telefilm has already been started in Faridpur. Here, Riaz is playing the role which is titled as Babu, who is a very lazy person and wants to become famous without any hard work. On the contrary, Noushaba will play the role of her girl friend, tries to understand him about the reality. Noushaba
Talking about her work, Noushaba commented, “The story of the telefilm is really awesome. And as we working hard for a lively filming of this, I almost determined that the viewers will love our pair as well as the entire telefilm.
It is the first work of Riaz in this year. Last year, he acted in two noted films named ‘Krishnopakkho’ and ‘Sweetheart’. Besides, Noushaba is busy with the acting of her many films such as ‘Chandrabotir Kotha’, ‘Protiruddho’ etc.