‘Gohin Baluchor’ starts journey


Government-grant movie ‘Gohin Baluchor’ which is directed by noted play director Badrul Anam Soud has started its journey through a premier show at city restaurant. In the program, director Soud introduced the members of the film to the invited guests and also discussed about the film in details. Noted actress Subarna Mostofa will return to silver screen after a long break through this film. She will play the role of an inhabitant of a char area, a leader of a village. Talking about the film, she said, “‘Gohin Baluchor’ has a powerful story and I am really pleased with my role. It is a great opportunity for an actor.”. She added “One truth has become prominent to me during the nine years of my life with Soud, his only dream was to make a movie. Now the auspicious moment of fulfilling that has arrived. Felicitations for that as a co-artiste and co-fighter I would like to tell you that ‘Gohin Baluchor’ is not yours movie alone. Those who are present here it is their film too, also that of the cinegoers.” The film will feature some new and fresh faces in the industry, alongside veteran and senior actors.Director Badrul Anam Soud stated, with the main characters portrayed by young actors Tanvir, Moon and Nilanjona Neela. The film will also feature seasoned actors such as Raisul Islam Asad, Suborna Mustafa, Shahadat Hossain and Bannya Mirza. It is important to note that,Soud is planning to start the shooting of the film outside Dhaka from December 22.