Sex Education: on the way of breaking barriers

2-430-x-430Ishrat Naher Erina:

Having the membership of third world country where basic needs are not equal for everyone and dreaming to educate people on sex education is nothing but cry in a wilderness. Most often, people do believe that being born in a developing country is a curse but it gives people an immense pleasure to give their helping hand for needy people. There are lots of imbalance in developing country like us including basic needs and the most unseen topic that has to be improved is to educate people on sex education. If we look at the society inwardly, lots of incidents, violence and crimes will appear in our empty eyes. It’s mostly because of our lacking of formal educational systems on sex education. Now comes ‘what does sex education’? If a random people of our society has been asked about the ‘sex education ‘, the answer must be go like ‘the physical intimacy between two opposite genders’. Does sex education stand for physical intimacy? No, Not at all .Even it is really tough to educate and aware people on sex education when our faulty education system is far away from including sex education in its syllabus. Well, let’s not make it so complex! Sex education is basically related to human sexuality that includes human sexual anatomy, sexual activity, sexual reproduction, age of consent, reproductivehealth, reproductiveright, safe sex, birth control, menstruation hygiene, abortion, sexual abstinence and so on. Needless to say the reality is so crucial. Only people from health based subject are getting the change to read these topics shortly but majority of the people are not even aware about these burning issues. As a result, a country can’t meet the global standard although we term ourselves as global citizen. If we want be developed, ensuring the basic need should not be the only priority. In this age of globalization, we are from a small village but when we are aiming at meeting the global standard, these issues must be addressed properly and mass people should be educate on this regard more broadly than making awareness narrowly.
In our societal context, we are getting so much concentrated on taboos that are working as boundaries to step forward. Effective sex education is far away from our arena, it’s not only because of our faulty education system only but also for the educated people who are not raising their voices and not taking any steps towards the development of human minds on sex education. On top of that, we are in an age where physically transmitted diseases are troubling our wellbeing and honestly speaking, sex education is a must to get rid of these disease. Who does not know about the HIV, which is one of the life threatening sexually transmitted disease and there are many more as like it. The way sex education is necessary for emotional and social development, is also important to prevent dangerous diseases that takes away life so easily. Moreover, having a good health is a basic right of human being and sex education is one of those issues that could help to maintain a healthy balanced life. So, the decision is yours, whether are going to take education on this regard or plunging in the social taboos.
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