Sundarban in danger

Titas Chakrabarti, Khulna Correspondent:
Sundarban, the largest mangrove forest of the world, is now under threat of extinction. Heavy industrial construction in the forest area, naval route across the Sundarban and deforestation are destroying Sundarban day by day.
The dimension of Sundarban is shrinking day by day as esteemed 17thousand square kilometer long Sundarban turned to 6thousand square km only.
World wildlife fund released a reports in the mid of this year where they showed that at least 5 major causes damaging Sundarban slowly. These are construction of heavy industries in the forest area, shipping across the forest, excessive fishing, deforestation and reckless water management destroying Sundarban.
Almost 3lakh people live besides the Sundarban, dependent on this forest by hook or by crook. But its current condition made the local worried.
According to a report of United Nation (UN), the amount of wild animals like Elephant, Tiger, Fish, Rhino and Guerilla in Sundarban is reducing ominously day by day. Almost 20 lakh 64 thousand crore taka have been exchanged illegally in this year for slaughtering wild animals which is 26 percent more than previous year.
A hunter, arrested in 2012, acknowledged that he killed at least 27 tigers in a year.
Forest department said that almost 52 tigers have been killed in last 16 years. Latest statistics shows that there are 106 tigers in Sundarban where the amount was 350-450 in last century. Only 50 thousand deer are living in the Sundarban now which was over 1.5lakh in amount.
The other specious are in danger as the authority is indifferent on this matter. Local peoples stated that, these animals would be vanished within few years if necessary steps would not be taken.