Have a Good Heart

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Omer Fayshal Pavel

Probably ‘Heart’ is the most common synonym that replaces the word ‘Love’. Basically heart is a muscular organ including four hollow parts that pumps the total blood of body and assures the proper distribution of blood throughout all other organs. A normal heart beats 60 to 100 times per minute and on average if a heart 72 times in a minutes then it pumps about 5 liters of blood in that minute. Notable, heart is the central organ of blood circulation system thus plays the key role to maintain the blood pressure that is 120/80 (120 by 80).
According to the report of 2014 of World Health Organization (WHO) 17.5 million people died from heart diseases in 2012, holding 31% of all global deaths. National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh (NHF) confirmed that, survey on heart diseases performed in Bangladesh showed that hypertension in adult population is near by 20-25%, other hand Ischaemic Heart Disease counts the 10%, where Rheumatic Heart Disease 0.12% and Congenital Heart Disease 8 per thousand new in born babies were found. A very notable point is that the increasing death rate due to cardiovascular disease from 1986-2006 made the death rate 30 folds more than the previous one. These all points ranked the Coronary Heart Disease at the 5th position and Hypertension at 9th in the top 10 causes of death in Bangladesh; this ranked was done by the Health Profile Bangladesh – World Life Expectancy. In 2010 Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) confirmed the 4th position for Ischemic Heart Disease. Though individually different cardiovascular diseases were ranked as reasons of total global death, but the reviewed article on 2016 from World Health Organization (WHO) claimed all the cardiovascular diseases together become the main or first reason of global death.
The most common heart diseases among the people of Bangladesh are Coronary artery disease or narrowing of the arteries, arteries are the tube that passes the oxygenated blood to all over the body. Heart attack, this occurs when the heart itself starves for oxygen and as a result the cells of heart muscle get damaged permanently. Abnormal heart rhythms or arrhythmias resulting abnormal beats of heart, when the beat is too fast then it is called tachycardia or very slow beat is known as Bradycardia. Heart failure, it doesn’t mean the total lack of blood supply rather indicate very low supply of blood from heart. Without these diseases the people can be sufferer from other incidences like heart valve disease, congenital heart disease and Heart muscle disease are. Normally one can predict the heart diseases when some common symptoms are detected like, chest pain, numbness, weakness in hand or leg or pain in the neck and jaw. These are very common symptoms but individually all the cardio vascular disease have some specific symptoms to detect specific conditions.
Like, in the case of heart attack the main symptom is the pain in chest with pain in arms, the back, neck, jaw. Other can be light-headedness and dizziness, especially in man. In the case of heart failure a person can feel shortness of breath and fatigue. In this time swelling in leg, feet, ankles or abdomen can occur. Or in arrhythmia, abnormal heart beat is the common symptom including palpitation.
This all can be prevented if a well life style is maintained. First of all keep at least 30 minuet for exercise in a day with healthy diet plan where raw salt and saturated fat will be in a specific low amount. Keep eyes on your weight, don’t let it cross the limitation or normal range and avoid storing extra fat in body, in this case exercise can be the best option. Smoking plays a vital role in creating cardiovascular disease. So the smokers have the high chance of risk to get affected by the cardiac problems. And mental stress is one of the major reasons of heart disease. Stressed condition is responsible for extra secretion of adrenalin hormone and over adrenalin leads to heart diseases.
There are various kinds of treatment of CVD which are divided into two categories, surgical and non-surgical. Most known surgical methods are bypass surgery, pacemaker implantation and heart transplantation. Non surgical methods are having medicine like ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, antiarrhythmics and Calcium channel blockers and aspirin therapy. With both of the treatment method, a regular practice of healthy daily routine is combined.
Global NCD (non communicable disease) action plan took the cardiovascular disease as one of the major targets. Here prevention was highly emphasized as it is the most secure and cost effective way to get rid of heart diseases.
These all are presenting a brief of recent scenarios on heart issues. So it is the responsibility for individual to get concerned on this issue. Let’s allocate some love for the synonym of love.

The writer is a Health Columnist and he can be reached at pavelsays88@gmail.com