In Memory of Humayun Ahmed

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TBT reports
Popular litterateur and writer Humayun Ahmed alive in his stories, novels, plays, movies, music ,children literature and science fiction . On 19th July Tuesday , the forth death anniversary of that novelist and film maker.
Humayun  Ahmed  also created different famous characters like- Himu, Misir Ali, Silver, Nitu, Rupa which are alive still in  human mind after his death. For remember of him the various TV. Channel have aired special programme. BTV will be aired at 3 pm presentation of  Raju Alim ‘silpakatha’ special episode on Humayun Ahmed. Faridur Reza Sagar producer talked about his films.
Channel I tonight night at 9 pm there will be air ” Anando bedonar kabbo” presenting by Rokeya Prachir.On that programme the conversation will  be about short stories, novels, plays, movies, music of Humayun Ahmed . Planning and directed by Raju Alim.
In Machranga television 8 .00 pm will air drama ” jaitori” of Humayun Ahmed.