European Parliament with BD in its fight against terrorism

DHAKA : The European Parliament (EP) has said that it supports Bangladesh in its endeavour to fight against terrorism, reports UNB
The Head of Division of the South Asia Unit of the European External Action Service (EEAS) Maria Castello-Fernandez conveyed EP’s position at its regular monthly meeting held on Monday.
The South Asia Delegation of the European Parliament deliberated on, among others, migration from South Asia and the security situation in Bangladesh, according to the Foreign Ministry here.
Referring to the European Parliament resolutions and statements issued in the past, she said the EU delegation in Dhaka has been requested to engage in dialogues.
Mentioning the July 1 incident as ‘shocking, unpleasant and unacceptable’, Bangladesh Head of Mission to European Union Ambassador Ismat Jahan said terrorism is now an international phenomenon and particularly referred to the statement of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina mentioning ‘terrorism does not involve any religion’.
“It is reassuring that the EU also joined Bangladesh to cooperate with,” she said conveying condolences on behalf of the people of Bangladesh as well as the government to the bereaved family members of the innocent victims.
Referring to the statement issued by Chair Jean Lambert to contain terrorism jointly, the Ambassador underscored that combating terrorism is important for the people of Bangladesh and its economy.
In reply to a question about the arrest of some thousand people in
recent times, the Bangladesh Ambassador said the country is undergoing many terrorist attacks.
“Based on intelligence reports, suspected perpetrators are taken into custody. But that doesn’t mean any systematic crackdown which has a negative connotation. After investigation, if someone is not found guilty, s/he is immediately released,” she added.
At the outset, Jean Lambert dwelt on the recent developments of South Asia focusing particularly on political development in the Maldives.
Maria remarked that migration is one of their core foreign policy issues. They are closely working with South Asian countries, especially Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh on this issue, she referred to the recently held first high-level dialogue with Bangladesh which was constructive.
Regarding the upcoming Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD) meeting to be held in Dhaka in December 2016, Maria assured of the EU’s readiness to extend all kinds of cooperation to Bangladesh.