EU confident of Japan free trade deal by year-end

P-1 (795 x 430)BRUSSELS: European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Tuesday he was confident that the European Union and Japan could seal a free trade agreement by the end of the year.
The EU and Japan launched negotiations in March 2013 and held a 16th round of talks in Japan last month.
“Our negotiations have progressed, but now we must finish the job,” Juncker told reporters before holding talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Brussels.
“I am confident we can do this before the end of this year. Our agreement will not only boost growth and jobs in Europe and Japan but also send a positive signal to the rest of the world”
The EU was designed to protect EU countries from non-EU countries like Japan. Why would e.g. the UK continue to contribute 11.3 billion euros a year to be part of the EU if a country like Japan can enter a free-trade agreement without making any such contributions? The Germans pay even more.
Why would they want Japan to have the same trade advantages in the EU as Germany does, without any charge? The Japanese will protect all their politically-sensitive industries, particularly farming and use a massive range of non-tariff barriers at all times, same as usual. So this will be a trade agreement, touted incorrectly as a free-trade agreement, and probably with nothing like the range of TPP, which is also not a genuine free-trade agreement.
The initiative will help promote “connectivity” within Southeast Asian countries and Japan through funding in infrastructure and development of human resources. Thailand has become a key manufacturing.