Birds chirp over the trees at Doyarabazar

D Photo 05 (643 x 430)Nestles getting disturbed in lack of care, nurture
Md. Habibullah Helali, from Doyarabazar, Sunamganj:
The Upazila is fully resounded with the chirping of several types of birds. Some of them are now very rare species in the country. Upazila’s Kamar Potti area has become as a safe den for them. Everyday people of this area wake up with hearing the soft song from birds.
These natural beings aren’t migratory birds, they made their nest here three years ago in the bank of a lake shaded with total green. People’s heart gets thrilled with the chirping from the birds. Birds continue their song whole day, from the morning to evening. But this most important part of the beautiful nature falls in danger in every year as concerning administration shows its indifference in this section. Usually birds breed in rainy season. In that time, birds, especially Little Cormorant and Egret make their home at the branch of the tree and then breed. But in lack of nursing and caring, their breeds get in risk in every year. Local administration, Environment and Forest officials show their irresponsibility in this section.
Every day many visitors from the outside go there to see these lovely birds. Here, visitors notice one thing, an authentic relation between locals and these birds. This sightly scene fascinates the visitors. This friendly relation creates an entrancing environment.
Kamar Potti is getting branded as a “Silent Tourism” area. This place expands natural beauty with its green and lovely view. White Egret, Black Diver, Crow, and many anonymous birds with different colors, in the midst of the green, make the scene more attractive, lovelier and glamorous.