Computer Source introduced Portable Solar-Pack

A portable solar pack has been introduced in the local market by the country’s fast forward tech distributor Computer Source Limited. Since its step, this company has introduced innovative tech products and services to the citizen’s door steps like The PROLiNK PPS80M portable Solar Light, says a press release. This device not only save the electricity cost but also reduce charging hassle to plug in.  It is a compact and user-friendly lighting solar power supply unit that is designed for use in home/outdoor settings. The unit also comes with two built-in USB charging ports for charging of two phones or devices simultaneously. The PPS80M is built-in with a huge battery capacity of 4400mAh which allows up to 16 hours of continuous usage, providing sufficient lighting for long durations of power blackouts. The unit is designed with the flexibility to be powered by regular AC supply, solar PV modules or via the supplied battery. The PPS80M is the perfect lighting solution for areas where power supply is often inconsistent and unstable.