YSSE trains on Business Plan

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‘Well-planned is half-done’ implies how important a good planning is. And when it comes to a business plan, importance of a good plan can’t be underestimated by any cause. If you have already started a business and if you are struggling to make a good plan or even if you are struggling to convince your investor for fundraising, you have understood how crucial it is to prepare a good business plan. Recently, a training program on ‘How to design a business plan for social entrepreneurship?’ has been conducted by Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) in hall room of Policy Research Centre in Dhanmondi R/A on September 11,2015.
YSSE is a non-profit organization dedicated for the Youth Development through large-scale job creation and entrepreneurship which is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was established with the cooperation of British Council and The Hunger Project-Active Citizen Program in February 2015.
Mr. Adnan Hossain, founder and CEO of ‘It’s Humanity Foundation’ was the key trainer. The seminar also had the presence of honorable guest Syed Fazle Niaz, Training for Trainer Specialist. The training program started with the welcome note of the founder and CEO of YSSE, Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf Hossain.
Syed Fazle Niaz started with a very practical data that many training programs are conducted at different parts of the world and still only a few can become an entrepreneur. The disparity prevails because training can’t show them the practical picture of the entrepreneurship. For that, he engaged young potential entrepreneurs into a very deep thought asking ‘Why do you want to be an entrepreneur and what qualities you have to become so?’ The trainees cemented their position of entrepreneurship by showing their aspirations and commitment into society in feedback. Niaz urged the entrepreneurs to stay focused.
Adnan Hossain, the key note speaker of the training program, started with a question to the trainees what’s the difference between social entrepreneurs and business man. Later on after hearing to the thoughts of the entrepreneurs, Mr. Adnan clarified that entrepreneurs or social entrepreneurs are those who work for solving social problems whereas businessman are those who don’t have to do anything with social problems. After that, entrepreneurs learnt various methods for identifying and arranging problems to find a scope for entrepreneurship. “An entrepreneur can never stick to single plan and it’s a weakness”, said Mr. Adnan. On the other hand, Niaz described change as a nature of planning and termed this nature as the biggest advantage. The whole point of them was that you can work on your plan at any time and make it a better one.
On top of that, the trainers warned entrepreneurs of the possible failures they might face in the coming days. Niaz quoted, “No matter how unique your plan is, no matter how detailed planning you have made, no matter how much money you have raised. Something will always go wrong. You need to understand that the whole world is not in your control.” That’s the reason, Mr. Adnan advised entrepreneurs to focus on what can be, not on what has been.
It doesn’t matter if they are customers or investors, they always like to see something charismatic, something dramatic. They want to see how much attached you are with your planning. Adnan suggested young entrepreneurs to think their business just like they love their daughter.”This will make you feel more attached with your plan”, Adnan opined.
Story telling is also the area the speakers focused highly. Adnan encouraged entrepreneurs to use elevator speech for convincing investors. Elevator speech is a succinct way to describe the whole idea of the business within few minutes to potential investors. Niaz elucidated the reason of such naming, “Think you’ve met an investor all on a sudden in elevator. You have got very little time to convince. That’s why, it’s named like this -The Elevator pitch.”
At the very end, the potential entrepreneurs engaged in playing games. By which, they learned a really good lesson of networking. Networking is not knowing just the name and designation of people. Networking is about building a relationship with people, both the speakers ratified repeatedly.
The program ended with thanks from founder of YSSE family, Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf Hossain. Yousuf promised that YSSE family will organize more seminars and trainings for potential entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. He later requested the interested ones to keep in touch by visiting their fb page: www.facebook.com/YSSE2015 or website through www.ysse.weebly.com
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