Three day long Dhaka International Folk Festival begins

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Dhaka folk fest, an international folk music festival, began on Thursday at 4:30pm at the Bangladesh Army Stadium.
The music fest will feature many renowned folk artists from all across the world. The motto of this festival is to provide the international platform where the entire planet can enjoy the culture’s true form embodied in its folk music along with the different folk musicians all over the world. The much-awaited event has arranged the program keeping in mind that Bangladesh’s folk music boasts a rich heritage and bonding with the roots of the culture that is still practically unheard of by the global audience.
On the opening day, artists like Farida Parvin, Kiran Chandra Roy and Chandana Majumdar, Sajeen Jahoor, Papon and The East India Company and The Arko Mukhaerjee Collective enchanted the audience.
Dhaka International Folk Fest is a platform for the legends, the icons and the rising stars of the folk community to share soul-wrenching melodies of a country and a culture for the world to hear.
The website of this event said, “Bangladesh has a rich cultural heritage that is unparalleled in this world. To truly discover the depths of it would take more than a lifetime. Our country’s folk music has yet to spread its wings in the global stage and stagger the hearts of people with its poetic pull. We thought that it’s about time that changed-we need to get out there.Thus the birth of it.”