Student society: a contemporary retrospection

1 (645 x 430)Md. Ragib Hasan

There is a wise saying in Sanskrit-‘Chatro Nong Oddoyonong Topo’, which implies students to mandatorily concentrate upon their studies in a sense that the standards of student society are considered as the indicator of national wellbeing.
Social works as contributed by the student community advance nations in the world. For us, the role of student activism always shines in our national history, since independence until today.
Apart from the culture of perseverance and studiousness, it sometimes makes us disappointed that today students oftentimes tarnish the image of glorious past.
Student should first prioritize their sole duty, while avoiding their ultimate involvement in economy, politics or any other social issues.
On this issue in the book titled, ‘Ariopazitakai’ the writers raise his argument that “give us freedom of thinking, give us freedom to talk”. As same throughout the history, we see that powerful society tries to give up the freedom of student to talk by their heart. Once our predecessor were given the rights of choice to freedom and patriotism, their dedication and exemplary sacrifice gave birth to a new land, a new country, a new hope, which is our beloved motherland, Bangladesh.
Even today students contribute to our country, side by side, with the government components. They constantly try to fix many of the problems in our society and accordingly extend their helping hands build the nation, meeting all fundamental necessity for human being.
During shivering winter, for example, they distribute clothes, foods and all other required stuffs during crises times. Moreover, they help the flood affected people and give worm clothes in the winter. And they also raise their voices and protest for different kind of victim, such as who does not get the proper justice in society, who is in need of monetary aspects to continue their education. Their social work, including other professional activities will certainly enable us to rebuild our country towards aspired development securing a position in the map of the world.
At present student network organizes and leads number of social organizations in the country, among them Bangladesh Students Council commits a better future for the our generation.
Students raise their voice in history but their destinations will not be looked back. They will never surrender to any obstacle, they will remain developing their thoughts to face the continuous development to achieve a knowledge society. Their thoughts will always be in side against the unfair and crimes.
The writer is a Secretary General, Bangladesh Student Council. He can be reached at