Aamir Khan’s security increased on Dangal sets in Punjab

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Aamir Khan, who is shooting in the rural areas of Punjab’s Ludhiana, is being followed by protesters and media after his comments on ‘intolerance’ on Monday. Because of which, the security of the 50-year-old actor has been increased by Punjab Police.
The actor avoided the media on Wednesday. He was seen leaving the hotel and arriving at the shooting site in an SUV, seated on the front seat.
Shiv Sena members tried to hold a protest near the 5-star hotel, where the actor and his team have been staying for the past few weeks. The protesters burnt Aamir’s posters and disrupted traffic.
Punjab Police has increased security around the actor’s hotel and also the venue of his unit’s shooting in Ludhiana, 125 km from Chandigarh.
Aamir has waded into controversy with his remarks on growing ‘intolerance’ and after saying that his wife Kiran Rao had discussed moving out of India.
The actor recently injured himself on the film sets and travelled to Mumbai for a week’s bedrest and painkillers on doctor’s orders. He returned on Tuesday to resume shooting for the movie, which is based on a wrestler’s life. Police officer Rupinder Kaur said that security around the actor, his hotel and shooting venue have been increased.
Aamir’s film unit has also ensured private security around him at all times. Shooting for Dangal will continue shooting in Ludhiana for a few days more.