A Natl Seminar held on ‘Youth Entrepreneurship for Social Development’

3 (645 x 430)Mahdy Hassan

Young people are the center of the development. This group of people can be the resource for Bangladesh who can make a difference in social development. Development has a dynamic connotation and refers to a process of change, growth, progress or evolution. Although originally used to connote a process of societal change, the term ‘development’ has been primarily linked to economic modernization in the developing countries after the Second World War, where it was originally defined as involving growth and industrialization. Promoting the social entrepreneurship is very important for social development.
To fulfill this purpose, Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) is playing an important role. The aims of YSSE is to solve our own community and resolve the global youth unemployment crisis by encouraging diverse groups of stakeholders to support youth-led Country Networks to identify design and implement specific training and development programs for promoting young employment and social entrepreneurship.
As part of this purpose, YSSE has recently organized a national Seminar on “Youth Entrepreneurship for Social Development” on 12 October 2015 at EMK Centre in the capital Dhaka.
Around 70 participants including young folks from public and private universities and young entrepreneurs participated at the Seminar. As motivational speakers, Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf Hossain, Founder and CEO of YSSE, delivered his speech about YSSE and its working areas of priority, vision and mission as well.
As a keynote speaker, Masud Ibn Rahman discussed about the Entrepreneurship and Social development in different perspective. He encouraged the audience with his amazing thoughts and the audiences also enjoyed his encouraging discussion. He also talked about how to generate the innovative idea, how to solve the financial issues in the social entrepreneurship business ad how to fight with the existing market etc.
Farheen Musfiq Malek, Adnan Hossain, Founder and CEO, Its Humanity Foundation, Sahjabin Kabir, Samira Zuberi Himika and Al Monsoor, Director/Actor took part at the Seminar with their vibrant speeches. Adnan Hossain discussed on how to develop the social entrepreneurship successfully while Sahjabin Kabir shared her experience about how she tries to solve our country’s transportation system and how she represents our country in Harvard Business School. Similarly, Samira Zuberi Himika encouraged all the audiences and said what would be the characteristics required for an entrepreneur and how to take challenges and to increase ability to grow up the social business enterprise with the society’s sustainability.
A lively panel discussion was also arranged at this Seminar where the speakers took part and discussed in debt on the issue of social development and social entrepreneurship.
At the end, Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf Hossain ended the Seminar delivering his Vote of Thanks to all participants, speakers and organizing team of YSSE.