EU ministers discuss sharing refugees among nations

Brussels : European Union interior ministers meet for emergency migration talks on Monday, a day after Germany reintroduced checks at its border with Austria to stem the continuing flow of refugees, AP/ UNB reported.
The ministers will try to narrow a yawning divide over how to share responsibility for thousands of migrants arriving daily and ease the burden on frontline states.
Their talks will focus on distributing 160,000 refugees over the next two years, and the German decision to have checks at a border that for 20 years has usually been open as part of the EU’s landmark Schengen passport-free zone has added urgency. The arrival of around 500,000 migrants so far this year has taken the EU by surprise and it has responded slowly.
Lacking a quick and comprehensive policy answer, countries have begun tightening border security or, in the case of Hungary, erecting fences. Greece is simply overwhelmed by the numbers and cannot properly screen migrants let alone lodge them.
Despite the pressure on Hungary, EU diplomats said Friday that the country does not want to take part in the new refugee-sharing mechanism, even though it would see 54,000 refugees sent elsewhere.
Germany’s decision to reintroduce border checks temporarily is allowed under the Schengen rules governing free movement within the EU but the move has raised new questions about whether security can be ensured without tighter controls.