Shifting Power initiative launched

1 (705 x 430)A project titled ‘Shifting the Power’ aimed at sharing and shifting the power was launched in Bangladesh at a programme at Spectra convention Centre at Gulshan in the city on Thursday, says a press release.
This is a new initiative under the global START network which is a consortium of 24 leading international development organizations came together in a platform, said the organizers.
There are number of initiatives by different organizations under this global network but “Shifting the Power” is initiated by a consortium of 6 INGOs, Action Aid, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Concern Worldwide, Oxfam and Tearfund, and simultaneously going on in 5 different countries–Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Congo. Globally, this consortium is led by Action Aid and CAFOD and in Bangladesh this consortium is led by Christian Aid.
Mohammad Reaz Ahmed, Director General, Department of Disaster Management, Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief, and KM Abdus Salam, Director, NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister’s Office, attended the programme as the chief guest and special guest respectively. Representatives from donors, UN, INGOs, local & national NGOs, private sectors, print and electronic media were also present on the occasion.
“Shifting the Power” is a new paradigm to empower local governments, community organizations, faith networks and local NGOs who deliver a significant amount of humanitarian assistance and are fundamental to people’s survival in the immediate aftermath of disasters. Unless this power in the international humanitarian system is proactively shifted to them, their vital role in relief will be undermined at a time when humanitarian disasters are increasing in number and complexity, the function was told. Shifting the Power initiative acknowledges this fact and aims to support local actors to take their place alongside international actors in order to create a balanced humanitarian system that is more responsive and accountable to disaster-affected communities. A study shows about 75 percent of humanitarian responses are being managed by national and local organisations globally but only 01 percent of total humanitarian aid/assistance directly come to them while 99 percent are being mobilised by the international NGOs. “The vision of this initiative of “shifted power” is the power that is shared and balanced”, the speakers said addressing at the function.