Mayor Anisul to seek Army help to prevent building collapse

Staff Correspondent
Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor Annisul Huq on Thursday he would seek the army’s help to prevent any further damage following the fall down of a road at Karwan Bazar area.
Annisul Huq said a letter has already been sent to the ministry concerned seeking army cooperation and joining the ongoing efforts to halt building collapse.
The mayor said, “We need cooperation from the army as no further damage will occur in the place adjacent to collapsed under construction building”.
Huq told reporters about the issue while he was visiting at the collapse site on Thursday.
Residents of Sundarban Hotel at Karwanbazar in the capital were evacuated as a boundary wall and part of its basement along with the adjacent road caved in into a construction site on Wednesday.
Restriction for all type of vehicular movement on the road in front of the building still continues.
A part of the CR Dutta Road has developed cracks due to the subsidence.
The 15-ft alley between the hotel and the construction site of National Bank Twin Tower caved in and fell into a ditch dug for piling.
Capital’s developer RAJUK and the contractor have been blamed for the incident.
Mayor Huq on Thursday was visibly angry at the lack of sand reinforcement in the ditch to protect the six-storey hotel and its adjacent area.
Following a decision by a committee comprising representatives of the army, Fire Service, City Corporation, RAJUK and others concerned, around 500 trucks of sand had been piled in after 10pm on Wednesday.