Treeism Foundation observes ‘Earth Day’ in Manikganj

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Bearing the slogan, ‘One Student One Tree’, Treeism Foundation observed Earth Day in Manikganj this year.
The foundation arranged an event at Manikgonj Govt High school, on April 22, 2015. The environmental program included planting trees around the school campus, cleaning it from non-disposable materials, and holding a session with the students on environmental phenomena.
Around five hundred students of the school joined the activities in presence of teachers, guardians along with volunteers of Treeism. In the session, volunteers discussed with the students on various environmental aspects, contemporary crisis due to negligence towards nature, and the inevitable pathways to keep the environment healthy. Thereafter almost 400 students signed on a banner that reads ‘Say No to Pollution, Say Yes to Green’, agreeing their awareness to nature.
Manikganj Zilla Parishad Administrator, advocate Golam Mohiuddin joined the program as chief guest. He said, ‘there is no alternative rather than tree plantation to ensure environmental ecology’. In his speech, he highly appreciated the initiatives, taken by Treeism Foundation, and also encouraged the students as they could involve themselves with the Green Peace activities in their life. However, at the end of the program the participated students received inland saplings from the foundation. Noted international environmental organization, ‘Earth Day Network’ selects ‘Treeism Foundation’ as its official partner for the year 2015. UNEP initiative, ‘Tunza Eco Generation’ also published a report about Treeism, earlier this year.
‘The partnership with Earth Day is undoubtedly a big achievement for us. As an environmental organization from Bangladesh we are only platform to represent the international organization in Bangladesh for the year’, remarked Treeism Foundation founder, Saiful Islam.
Saiful Islam said, ‘this partnership will certainly help our Treeists-volunteers for Treeism to realize the responsibility and spontaneously to contribute for the preservation of the environment’.
An undergrad student from the city, Rajiya Khan said, ‘we have hosted a number of events in different educational institutes and also tourist spots in different districts of the country.
‘We try to persuade school-going students to engage themselves with eco-friendly activities since their childhood. “For them our theme is simple-Plant a tree, it’s your pet; don’t you have a duty to your pet? So nurture it for its proper growing”, the treeist, Rajiya Khan added.
Treeism is a nonprofit organization working to perceive on Re-greening the environment through massive plantation, introducing the concept of Voluntourism in Bangladesh, and providing environmental education to the school going students. It is a phenomenon concerning only on paying back the debts which have been credited from the environment for decades. Where the environment is going under stress, Treeism is trying to repair this situation through the best way from now on to the next generations. Own volunteers/Treeists fund for the organization in various initiatives.
Even starting with thirty volunteers, Treeism Foundation, in the mean time, counted a larger number of three hundreds Treeists who are concurrently trying to materialize the dream of visionary journey . Though most of its treeists are university going students, but its threshold is open to all-people irrespective of ages and professions. Treeism works as a bridge between the people who have the ability to donate a tree, to the people who are willing to host a tree. With the hope for a greener world, Treeism thrives with time.
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