The Cascaded Mills of Folon and Picon

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The mills of Folon and Picon are a collection of 60 mills located on the slopes of Monte Campo do Couto, in the Spanish municipality of El Rosal, in the autonomous community of Galicia. These mills, built during the 18th century, are arranged in a cascade so that they could share the same water channel. The energy provided by the waters as it flowed down the mountain was utilized to grind corn and wheat, as well as working with linen and wool. Although no longer operational, the beautifully restored mills constitute an ensemble of great cultural and ethnographic heritage of the El Rosal region.
The mills are built in two groups. The first group called the Folón Mills, consist of 36 mills and are located on the slope of Folón over a stream which is also called Folón. The second group called Picon Mills, consist of 24 mills and are located nearby over the stream called Picon.