Take revenge thru’ ballots: Khaleda

Khaleda==BC-26-04-15-N_19 (353 x 430)DHAKA : Stating that her party led-20 party alliance has taken the city polls as a test case for the government and Election Commission, Khaleda Zia on Sunday urged the voters of three cities to take revenge on the government for its misdeeds by casting their votes for her alliance-supported candidates on April 28, reports UNB.
“I urge the residents of Dhaka and Chittagong to take a silent revenge on April 28 on the government for its misdeeds,” the BNP chief told a press conference at her Gulshan office.
Pointing at the voters, Khaleda Zia further said, “Vote is a strong power of people, and you please apply this judiciously to bring about a silent revolution.”
The BNP chairperson also called upon the voters of all ages and all professions to go to polling stations early in the morning without any fear to exercise their franchise standing in queues in a peaceful manner.
Khaleda also called upon the voters to strongly protest together if they find any irregularity and polls manipulation. She also called on the voters to guard the polling stations, and not to leave those until the vote counting is over to check vote fraud. “Don’t step into the provocative trap before and after the elections and during the balloting. Don’t pay heed to any rumour.”
Khaleda also urged all to accept the election results if the polls are held in a free and fair manner.
She, however, directed her party men to put up a strong resistance at voting centres if the ruling party men resort to terrorism and vote rigging.
In her written speech, Khaleda mainly focused on the city polls and urged people to vote for 20-party-blessed mayoral and councillor candidates in Dhaka south, Dhaka north and Chittagong city polls for restoring peace and brining change. “Vote against hooliganism, terrorism and humiliation. Mothers and sisters cast your votes to protect your dignity.”
The BNP chief demanded the government deploy army with magistracy power to ensure fair balloting.
Criticising the Election Commission for revising its decision of army deployment, she termed EC’s move to keep army inside cantonment during the polls deceptive and meaningless.
She alleged that the ruling party-backed candidates are spreading money and violating the election code of conduct.
“Take money if they (AL-backed runners) offer but don’t vote them.”
Mentioning that she got an overwhelming response from voters during her electioneering, the former Prime Minister said she is confident that the residents of the three cities will make a silent revolution if they get a chance to cast their votes.
Narrating the attacks on her motorcade and personal vehicle at different places in Dhaka during her electioneering, Khaleda claimed that the preplanned attacks were made in a bid to kill her at the instigation of the Prime Minister and other ministers. “I narrowly escaped unhurt due the blessings of Allah.
The BNP chief said the government has no right to stay in office for its failure to ensure the security of people. “The government which cannot ensure the security of people has no right to cling to power.”
She also explained the reasons for what the 20-party participated in the city polls. “We’ve taken these polls as a test case for the government, ruling party, the Election Commission and administration and law enforcement agencies. It’s a local body polls through which the state power will not be changed.”
Khaleda warned the government that it will be again clearly proved that it is totally unrealistic and unthinkable to hold a national election under the Awami League-led government if it changes people’s verdict of the April 28 city polls by resorting to terrorism and vote rigging.
Replying to a question whether her party will join the general election under the Awami League if the city polls are held in a free and fair manner, Khaleda said they are stuck to their demand for holding the national election under a non-party administration.
She flayed the Election Commission for what she said its biased role saying the commission is spineless and it says what the government asked them to speak up. “I’m like the country’s people are in doubt whether the elections will be free and fair.”
As her attention was drawn to EC’s allegation that she violated the election code of conduct by carrying out electioneering with a huge motorcade, she said only vehicles of her security personnel and another one to carry some women were there in her motorcade. “The motorcade was long as there were many vehicles of the media. It’s regrettable if the EC keep its eye shut and speaks what the government asks it to say.”
She questioned why the EC played a silent role when she came under attack and when the Prime Minister, ministers and ruling party men violated the election code of conduct.
Replying to a question what is the status of the non-stop transport blockade she announced during January 5 this year, the BNP chief said the programme is not effective anymore. “The 20-party had enforced the blockade and they would take the decision about it after discussions. But, the programme has no effectiveness now.”
Asked whether her party reached any understating with the government with the help of diplomats, she replied in the negative, saying negation, if any, will be open.