Wireless charging of electric bicycle tested

wireless (586 x 430)TOKYO : Bellnix Co Ltd and a research group led by Yasuyoshi Kaneko, professor at the School of Engineering, Saitama University, have co-developed an electric bicycle whose battery can be wirelessly charged.
They conducted a verification test at the East Exit of JR Musashi Urawa Station in Saitama City from Feb 17 to 27.
In general, an electric bicycle is charged by detaching its battery pack and connecting it to a charger. This process can be eliminated by using a wireless power transmission technology.
Such a function could be fully utilized by rental bicycles. While an increasing number of electric bicycles are used as rental bicycles in recent years especially in urban areas and tourist resorts, it is not easy to maintain rechargeable batteries and chargers.
Unmanned rental station
With a wireless power transmission technology, it becomes possible to charge an electric bicycle without detaching its battery pack just by placing the bicycle on a parking device. The new bicycle can be fully charged in five and a half hours and can travel about 55 km.
As a result, the user or business operator does not have to detach a battery pack and set it on a charger. Also, it is possible to realize an unmanned station.
Smart card for utilization control
In the verification test, a wireless power transmission technology that Bellnix and Saitama University developed for electric bicycles was tested by using two electric bicycles and two parking devices capable of wireless charging. The parking devices were set at Musashi Urawa Station of the “Saichari” membership-based bicycle rental service, which Nippon Computer Dynamics Co Ltd (NCD) provides in Saitama City.
Users can rent a bicycle just by bringing a registered smart card close to a “register” and return it by placing it on a parking device. The rental fee is ¥103