How to use cinnamon in your beauty routine

06 (809 x 430)Dhaka,  – While cinnamon is a spice that lends great flavour to your food, it can also be used in your make-up and skincare routine! We tell you how, reports UNB.

Use it like a bronzer. Combine cinnamon, nutmeg, corn starch and cocoa powder and mix them together. Check the colour; if you want a darker shade, add a little more cinnamon, or if you want a lighter shade, add some corn starch.

If you have dyed your hair in a reddish hue, you can use cinnamon to keep the colour flaming and bright! Add cinnamon to your conditioner and once you have applied it to your hair, wrap them up in a shower cap. Leave your hair for six to eight hour. Wash your hair and you will notice the difference.

You can use it to make a delicious lip balm. Add a tablespoon of powdered cinnamon to hot coconut oil. Once this mixture sets, it will turn into a balm.

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