Nearly 7.5 lakh visually impaired people in country’

DHAKA : Blindness is a major health concern in the country as there are nearly 750,000 visually impaired people and 12,000 are added to the figure every year, reports BSS.
Eye NGO Forum and National Eye care are going to organize a two-day conference at the Spectra Convention Centre on October 20 as part of celebrating the World Sight Day, a press release of Eye NGO Forum said yesterday.
Due to Vitamin A deficiency, the children of poor families are vulnerable to becoming blind, health experts said, adding that poor dietary practices, lack of education facilities and no antenatal preparation for pregnant women are contributing to high blindness in the country. According to the Blindness and Low Vision Prevalence Survey of Bangladesh, 85 percent of blindness in the country is due to cataract.
A national study revealed that around 40,000 children are blind in the country and cataract is the commonest cause of child blindness in the country, which is around 31 percent.
Visual impairment of a child limits participation in opportunities for education and self-development.