May Day observed across the nation

51_May+Day_Press+club_01052014_0007 (693 x 430)Staff Reporter:
Bangladesh, along with the entire world celebrated the historic May Day on 1st May. This day is celebrated across the world in memory of the sacrifices made by the labor demanding the 8 hour working day and the rights of the working class.
The nation has observed the day through different programs, organized by different political parties, trade unions, government and socio cultural organizations and labor unions.
The programs include seminars, discussion meetings, rallies, formation of human chains. These were organized to renew and ensure the labor rights and workplace safety. Leaders of different trade unions spoke on this context. Moreover the roadsides were decorated with colorful banners, festoons, and placards including slogans for workers rights.
Marking this day, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addressed a discussion held at the Osmani Memorial Auditorium. During her speech the PM urged the owners and workers to be careful towards their responsibilities. She also urged the owners to be sympathetic towards their employees.
On the other hand the print media and the satellite channels published and aired special programs on accords of May Day.