Amazing Sand Paintings by Joe Mangrum

Since 2009, an artist named Joe Mangrum has been creating spectacular works of art in public spaces, delighting all passersby with his beautiful creations. His art is spectacular, but what sets it apart from other street art is its temporary nature and the way he creates it.

He has created over 700 paintings that draw crowds. For each piece, Joe spends about 6-8 hours carefully poring over the canvas… only the canvas is usually the ground itself.

Although Joe has used multiple mediums to create art…



 He is most well known for his sand paintings.


 He creates them in public spaces.neat-art10

 Joe spends hours carefully pouring the colored sand to make these intricate designs.neat-art7

 At the end of the day, the designs are swept away…neat-art2

It’s temporary, but visually stunningneat-art9

On occasion some paintings are created indoors and can stay for several months.neat-art11

The large scale “sand paintings” are spontaneously created by pouring colored sand into multiple patterns over the course of a day.neat-art6

 The process is simple, but the results are not.neat-art