Weeklong photo exhibition begins at Drik Gallery


TBT Live Update: A photography exhibition titled  ‘Exile in Calcutta’ by German photographer Thomas Meyer began at city’s Drik Gallery on Tomorrow.

The exhibition was jointly organised by Goethe-Institute Bangladesh and Drik, said a Drik press release on Today.

Judith Mirschberger, the Director of Goethe-Institute Bangladesh, introduced the artist at the inauguration ceremony. Shahidul Alam, the Managing Director of Drik, also spoke at the occasion.

In his series ‘Exile in Calcutta’, Thomas Meyer shows us environmental portraits of people living in Calcutta, whose roots belong to the present territory of Bangladesh.

The individuals’ talk of what Calcutta means to them, their old and new homes, possible trauma of being rendered homeless and making their way in a new environment. In doing so, they form a patchwork quilt of the modern experience of surviving as refugees. The Portraits are accompanied by some urban landscapes from Calcutta.

The exhibition will remain open for all till 21 April, from 3 pm to 8 pm every day.