Shahrukh amin’s design


3 (350 x 525)Designer Shahruk Amin started his designing carrier in …………….. Setting his style apart with trends that have always been ahead of its time his unique boutique “Almira” has always been taking the fashion industry by storm. In the last few years the prominence of his designs has been dominating the fashion shows and fashion magazines. We wanted to take an up-close look at this unique designer as well as his marvelous creations.

f4 (570 x 380)Always with a fascination towards trendy and innovative fashion with a sense of elegance and traditional beauty Shahruk Amin designs his pieces exclusively. Every single piece is unique not to be repeated. So owning a Sahruk Amin means you and only you own this piece which will not be replicated by the designer even at the client’s request.

How would you define your fashion style?

Why do you create only single pieces?

Where do you get your inspirations?

What are some of your tips on how a woman should dress to look slimmer taller and more elegant.