The Life of Anwar Hossain

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download (299 x 168)Anwar Hossain was born in 1939 at Sorulia village of Jamalpur. His father Najir Hossain was the sub-register of Jamalpur. He spent most of his childhood and teenage in Jamalpur. He passed his Metric examination is 1951 from Jamalpur Government Highschool. Later he got involved in stage drama after joining Anandamohon College. He used to spend nights as the lead role on stage. At one time he left Mymensingh and came to Dhaka. He began his first radio drama at Dhaka Betar on 1957. The name of the drama was ‘Noufel Hatem’. The first film Anwar Hossain did was ‘Tomar Amaar’. In this film by Mohiuddin, Anwar Hossain played the role of a villain. Back then, a popular director Md. Anis gave him the chance in his first movie. Surjasnan was his second movie. It was released on 1962. After that Anwar Hossain did many movie Culture-13 (560 x 391)such as ‘Jowar Elo’ (1962), ‘Kacher Deyal’ (1963), ‘Nachghor’ (1963), ‘Dui Diganta’ (1946), ‘Bandhan’ (1964), ‘Ekaler Rupkotha’ (1965) and many others. Sumita Devi played the role of his co-star in the movie ‘Dui Diganta’. The premiere of the movie was held in 1st May of 1964. Later he also played the leading role in an Urdu film ‘Ujala’, in which Sultana Jaman was his co-star. But after the movie ‘Sirajuddaula’ in both Bengali and Urdu Anwar Hossain never felt the need to look back. He adapted the role so well that since then he came to be known as ‘Sirajuddaula’. Post this movie he worked in a film called ‘Aparajeo’ in which he played the lead role, with Sujata as his co-actor. In ‘poroshmoni’ he projected the character of a literary personality. He also played the central role in the 2009-10-03__a04 (400 x 260)movies ‘Shaheed Titumir’ and ‘Isha Kha’. In 1967 he went to Lahore for the shooting of the movie ‘Torun Borun Kiron Mala’. In this film he played the role of a king.
In the movie ‘Jaha Baje Sheho Nae’ his co actor was Suchonda. His last film as a lead character was ‘Shurjo Shoongram’ and his leading lady was Rosy. In 1967 he was the king for the film ‘Rakahal Bondhu’. World famous director Sattajit Ray hugged him after watching his film ‘Palanka’.

In his lifetime Anwar Hossain achieved many awards. His first national award was for the film Lathiyal in 1975 as the best actor. Prior to that he received the Nigar Award for ‘Sirajuddaula’ in 1967. In 1988 he was the first actor to receive the Ekhushey Padak.
In his death reigning actor Razzak said, ‘Few days back I went to meet Anu Bhae. After meeting him I asked if he recognized me or not, and he replied that he did. He even asked me about my whereabouts. I have heard that many media personalities did not come to see him after his death. Ever passing day we are losing the affection for our position and the people close to us. That is unfair.Anu Bhae must’ve left us but his contribution towards our films are not to be forgotten. The first time I worked with him was in the film Abirbhab by Subash Dutta. After that we did many films together. He even acted in the film Pagla Raja directed by me. Altogether we shared a close bond. I pray for his departed soul.
Bobita said, ‘It’s hard for me believe that Anu Bhae is no more. Because I went to visit him in the hospital with Shuchonda and Champa. I just want to say that Anu bhae is a true artist. Most of the people work in the film industry for their needs. But Anu bhae used to love his work, which is not present in the artists now. I am lucky to have worked with him. I was his co-actor in the film ‘Arunuday Agni Shakki’ which was directed by Subhash Dutta. After that I worked with him in the films Lathiyal, Golapi Akhon Train e, nayan moni, Surja Grahon, Shurjo shangram and many other films. It is hard to imagine how all our close ones are going away. I know that even I have to leave one day, and that is the rule. But I never expected Anu Bhae to leave this way. I pray for his departed soul.
Shabnam said, it is my bad luck that I worked in only one film with Anu bhae. One of the greatest achievements in my life was the opportunity to work with such a talented and generous person. I have in very few films in Bangladesh. One Anwar Hossain is the history of Bangladesh. If the films of Bangladesh is to researched in the future, his name cannot be omitted. Anwar Culture-11 (500 x 374)Hossain has shown us the path. I haven’t met him that often but whenever we met hw always used to converse with me politely. His departure is irreplaceable damage to our film industry. I pray for his deceased soul.
Suchoda said, ‘the golden era of the Bengali film ended with the death of Anwar Hossain. He was a master actor. He will an institute for the actors of this age as well as the coming era. His death has caused a great damage and it can never heal. Anu Bhae was a guardian to me. I have considered him outside my family. It’s not that I have worked in many films with him. But the films I did with him made a special place in the hearts of the audiences. He loved me a lot. Where can I get such love again? I played the role of his sister in the film Jibon theke nea, directed by Jahir Raihan. I am remembering those moments today. I went to visit him Square Hospital when he was ill. He used to be very pleased when members of the film industry visited him.

Sohel Rana said, I have many things to say about Anu Bhae. I have many things to wirte. All I would like to say is that the way he left us is quite unacceptable.
The financial problem that he faced in the later end of his life cannot be accepted. If the government wanted they could’ve helped him financially so that he could avail better healthcare. If that could be done may be he would still be with us. Even then birth and death is in the hands of the Almighty. May be his time was over and so he had to leave us.
Chashi Nazrul Islam said, Anwar Hossain was my unlce. He clearly used to call me Chashi. It is not possible to talk about his qualities. In his lifetime we failed to give him the respect that he deserved. Many people are born every day, and after their birth they have to win over the hearts of the people with their works. But many people cannot do that, uncle did. He will live in the hearts of people as long as Bangaldesh exists. I pray for him.
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