China floods death toll passes 100

Landslides bury vehicles in southern China

BEIJING, China : Devastating floods at opposite ends of China have left 105 people dead and another 115 missing in recent days, state media said Monday.
Flooding in the northeast which left 72 people dead was described as “the worst in decades” by state news agency Xinhua, while another 33 people died in the south as a result of the weather, it said citing the ministry of civil affairs.
Landslides buried vehicles and trapped an unknown number of people Monday in southern China’s Guangxi province following days of heavy rain fed by a typhoon.
An officer with the Guiping city traffic police said six vehicles were covered in mud and rocks, but it wasn’t clear how many people were inside them. The woman declined to give her name as is common with Chinese police.
Three people died Sunday in a landslide near the city of Wuzhou.
Rains brought by last week’s Typhoon Utor have caused severe flooding across Guangxi and neighboring Guangdong province.
In China’s northeast, separate flooding has affected millions of people, with torrential downpours Saturday causing the Nei River to overflow near the city of Fushun, sweeping away homes, roads, and utilities and leaving 54 people dead.
Flooding hits China each summer, but heavy rains have brought greater than usual levels of destruction in some areas. Liaoning, the worst-hit province, had 54 fatalities and another 97 people missing, Xinhua said.
The worst-hit province in the south, battered by Typhoon Utor last week, was Guangdong where 22 people were dead and eight missing, it added.
Transport links were severely crippled, affecting tens of thousands of travellers.
Some services from Guangzhou railway station, Guangdong’s most important transport hub, were suspended due to rain and landslides.
State media said 80,000 passengers were stranded over the weekend because of the disruption.
Services were beginning to return to normal from Monday, the station said in a statement on its website.
More than 2,800 soldiers have been drafted in to help with the relief efforts, Xinhua reported earlier. BSS/AFP