Stopping the misuse of gas

Household and industrial users of gas in some cases are suffering from poor gas supply in the Dhaka region as reported in the media. But little do they realize or like to realize that they hold in their own hands a great deal of powers to limit their sufferings on this score. Only if the greatest number of them practice some good habits unfailingly and regularly , then they can be much relieved from the effects of the less than the desired amount of gas supply.
One remembers in this connection what a famous television presenter, Fazle Lohani, used to advice his audience in the sixties at the end of a programme. He would end his programmes telling the viewers that they could help conserve a scarce natural resource, gas, and they could do it by just ensuring that every time a gas burner was turned on in their homes, to turn it off immediately after cooking a meal or the like. In the Bangladesh era also, at least one television entertainer is noted for intermittently ending his programme with such advice. But these advocacies proved to be scanty to be able to make any impact. Bangladeshis are also noted to be rather uncaring in not heeding suggestions of what things are good for them till the same are urged governmentally and with a heavy hand.
Thus, in millions of homes across the country and in the capital city sights are too common in middle and upper class families where domestic aids or even housewives are seen keeping their gas burners flaming long past the cooking time or after all needs for keeping the burners switched on have ended. This habit is more pronounced in shanty dwellings with gas connections. There the system is several gas burners serving a number of families on a sort of community sharing basis. The gas burners are not put out there and keep on burning gas throughout the day and the night.
None in the shanties would think of lighting an extra match stick to rekindle a burner after it has been put out. They think of saving the cost of a matchstick when, ironically, they think nothing of many millions of Taka worth of a natural resource– which is too precious for the national economy– they are helping to waste on a daily basis from their most uncaring mentality
Thus, a campaign should be started vigorously aiming to protect the wastage of gas or its misuse.